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If you have registered with, it means you agree to the terms and conditions of this particular website. Read our privacy policy as well, this is an important part of our condition. OddsDroping can make any changes in their services and products without giving any notice to their customers and visitors.

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The material on this website, like text, logos, pictures & graphics, any kind of audio and video, everything belongs to OddsDroping. You can get and show material from this website on your computer. You are allowed to print pages, individually, but you cannot copy them and you are not allowed to store these pages as it is. However, it should not be stored in any specific server, but you can save them not only for personal use but for non - commercial use as well.

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Final dispositions

If you don’t follow these conditions and anything which is related to these conditions, we have every right to cancel all your rights.

We can update this posting anytime and have every right to make any kind of changes. If you are a user of this website you have to follow all our revisions. For this purpose, you should come to this page regularly so that you can get information about recent terms and condition, which you have to follow. 

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