We are committed to protect the privacy of our customers. Our aim is to provide you good quality services and that is the reason we collect information through cookies. Here we are discussing our privacy policy, which includes.

·         What kind of information is collected, which can identify you personally?

·         Who is collecting this information

·         How we use this information.

·         How we share this information.

·         What are different choices regarding gathering, utilization and distribution of data we collect?

·         The nature of security, which is applied to protect the loss and change in this information.

·         How you can correct this information, if it is not accurate.

Under 18

People under 18 years of age are not allowed to access account opening service.

Our collected information

We gather some personal information of yours, just to provide you better services. Read the following and you can browse our website freely, we will not collect any kind of information. You have to use our online registration form, if you want to take the advantage of all the features we offer. You will be asked for your personal information like name, address, and contact number of email ID.

We use server log files on the server of our website to get your IP address. This address is used for a number of reasons like broad demographic data, evaluating trends and to know the online activity of users. The IP address is not related to the information, which can identify a person. This data is about the URL you previously visited, the URL which you will visit now, the operating system on your computer and browser you have.

Moreover, we have cookies on few pages of our website, only. We provide some features, which are used through cookies only. Cookies also provide us data, which help us to provide you that information which you want. Cookies are saved on the hard drive of your computer, instead of our website. The majority of the cookies are session cookies; it means they will be automatically removed when you will finish the session. On the other hand we also have persistent cookies. They will be saved in your hard drive and will help us to recognize you. They don’t have any data regarding personal identification. However, they give an ID which allows us to bind a particular cookie with your personal data. This is helpful and tells us that what is the changes website has undergone, after your previous visit. We also use these cookies to get information about the frequency of your visits. You can stop our cookies, if browser offers you a choice to do so. However, it will stop you from accessing some of our features.

How we use your information

The data which can identify you as an individual is used for the marketing of our website. Moreover, we use this data to analyze the utility of our website on a statistical basis. We try to improve the content of the website and offers on various products, using the same data of yours. It helps us not only in the improvement of our website, but we can understand your needs as well.

We have a file for you and we save this data in the same file. It also has the information about your activity on the internet. It will be helpful in resolving disputes and other problems and we can apply our user agreement as well. Sometimes, we have to access the files of different users, if there is a dispute. If a user is having different ID, we can use this information, but it is very rare.

Sometimes we can send you emails, directly, if we have some services according to your interest. We will send these emails to you, only if you will allow us to do so.

Your data is saved in the database, which is in the US and UK. We can send your information outside the Europe, but we will ask for your permission first.

Disclosure of your information

We have to provide your personal information to those Bookmakers, where you want to have an account. They will use your personal data as they have their own privacy policies. When you will open an account to will get links about the privacy policy and other terms and conditions. Once you access the account opening service, it means you agree with the disclosure procedure of your personal information.

Regulatory services are not really reliable not in a position to make sure that your information will be disclosed in the above mentioned way only. Come circumstances force us to provide your personal information like government agencies. Other than that, some illegal persons can also interrupt and steal your information, unlawfully. With your permission, we can provide your personal information to government agencies as it may be helpful in a case of fraud or any other illegal activity.

But we don’t sell any kind of personal data of yours to any individual or organization for any purpose.

Advertisers: We collect your personal information and can provide that to our advertisers, but that is for the sake of marketing only. However, this information is not enough to identify you as a person.

Legal requests: We cooperate with government agencies and other authorities related to law enforcement. Not just local but international law enforcement agencies can also get your personal information, if they needed.

Your password control

A password is provided to you, when you register. If you lose this password, you may not be able to access the information, which can identify you. So, if you lose the control on your password, change it as soon as possible.

Other information collectors

This document is about the privacy policy but it discusses about the information which we get from you. As far as disclosure of your information is concerned, which you will provide to other members or any other third party, it has various rules.


We try our best to protect your personal information, which can identify them as individuals. We have different security tools for this purpose. We are protecting not just lose but misuse and alteration of your personal information as well. We have SSL or secure server software for this purpose. It encrypts your personal information, before we get it.  Although, we cannot ensure the misuse and loss of your personal information, but we try our best to protect your information. But remember, there is nothing like perfect security as far as the internet is concerned.

Changes in privacy policy

If you use this website, it means you agree to the privacy policy of the website and you are aware that your personal information is collected. If we will use this information, for any other purpose, which we have not mentioned, we will inform you through email. You will have the freedom, if you allow us or not about this particular use of your data. Moreover, if there are any major changes in our privacy policy, which are not about the user personal information, we will display a clear notice on website, which will inform all the users about changes. We can also send the same notice as email, to our users. Emil will be sent to those users only, who have allowed us to do so.

You can copy all your personal data, which we have. You can also change it if it is incorrect.

You can send us email, if you have any queries about this privacy policy.

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